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About Us

Danny Parks Daniel and Crystal

Starting Off

In 1969, after attending a trade school in Norfolk, VA with good friend Johnny Mears, Danny Parks returned home to the Eastern Shore. He orginially had partnered with Walter B. Martin III, Trey Martin, to form P&M Masonry. Together, they worked to help build several of the staple businesses on the shore, including the Purdue plant and the Nassawaddox Hospital. In 1971 Danny decided to launch his own company and start Parks' Masonry LLC. He still did work with other masons often, including Johnny Mears and Glen Goard.

Daniel Stepping In

Daniel R. Parks Jr. came into the picture at the young age of 9 years old, working just to help out and learn the trade every summer and weekend he could. Starting off as a laborer, Daniel learned all aspects of the trade to prepare him to take over the family business. It became just as ordinary to see the young man working hard on the jobsite, as it was to see the family labradors sleeping on the jobsite (dogs on the job are a staple of Parks' Masonry). As time passed, Daniel become just as skilled a mason as Danny and is now in charge of new projects and ventures.

Specialties in the Trade

Since the formation of Parks' Masonry, we have always specialized in the residential market. Not to say we haven't done a great amount of work in the commercial feild, but as they say "Home is where the heart is." Most notably has been our attention to detail on colonial restoration projects. Over the years, we have worked on many of the Shore's famous properties including:

  1. Mount Prospect, Onancock, VA
  2. Meadville House, Onancock, VA
  3. Mount Custis, Accomac, VA (1704)
  4. The Hills Farm, Greenbush, VA (1747)
  5. The Ker Place, Onancock, VA (1799)
  6. Runnymede, Accomac, VA (1797)
  7. The Mason House, Bloxom, VA